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Description and Treatment of Handmade Products


Because the screen of each device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) is different, the colors you see may have a slight deviation from the actual shade. Each bag is made from scratch and there is a possibility that it will differ slightly in size compared to the photo, due to the fact that each batch of yarn we receive may have slight differences in thickness.

All bags can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth, or with a sponge on the soft side. It is not recommended to wet the metal elements contained in the bags avoiding oxidation. Bags that do not consist of any decoration such as beads, tassels, pom pom metal items, etc.) can be washed in cold water by hand and in no case in a washing machine or hot water at the responsibility of the buyer. Knitted handmade clothes can be washed in cold water and only by hand, avoiding stretching them on the clothesline and throughout their treatment, to avoid overflow.

We offer a service which in some cases our products is made by order as the creations of our brand are made 100% by hand. In case one of our products is not ready for delivery, we ask for your patience as hand knitting is a process that requires different times than knitting on a machine, so we usually need a few days to complete an order made by scratch.