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The website  uses cookies to facilitate the customer and create conditions for its smooth operation.

Cookies are small files with information that websites create when visit them. These specific files are sent and stored on the computer of use.  This allows pages such as to work properly and recognize the frequent visitors, the customers of the website and the browser that you used during your previous entry. Cookies do not contain personal information and do not cause harm to users' computers. They store anonymous information about the way visitors behave when navigating the website, usage statistics, performance statistics, metrics related to the number of visitors, etc. Their main role is to improve the website’s functionality.

Deactivation and deletion of cookies:

As a user you have the right and the option, through your browser to delete all Cookies any time you wish. You will find relevant instructions in the help functions of the browser you use. Before deleting your cookies, make sure you know the advantages or disadvantages of the action.